When It Comes to Data Security, Convenience Can Be Trouble

Home Office

Most workers put convenience ahead of security policies, according to research from CEB—with 90% of them admitting to ignoring them when they feel they have to.

Almost two-thirds of employees report regularly using personal technologies for work, primarily for the sake of convenience. For example, most workers confess to sending a file from their company computer to a personal email account so they can work while not in the office.

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses are Taking to the Cloud

Cloud Computing

In case you have missed it, the adoption of cloud-based technology is rapidly growing, especially among small businesses. In fact, it is probably safe to assume your business is using cloud-based tools in some capacity. However, what exactly is the “cloud?” Without getting into the nitty gritty details of cloud computing, let us just say that the cloud generally refers to a collection of servers located at a central location that store data or serve various technologies, usually to a large number of people.

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