First, we are open for business and we are here to serve you.

While we consider the safety of our employees, our clients and their families to be our highest priority, we are here to provide you with the products, services and support you need and expect from your partners.

To help protect everyone, we’ve initiated special processes whenever you request technical support. Whenever possible, we first respond with phone support to help you remediate your problem instantly. We utilize Help Lightning which is a virtual, interactive presence allowing us to reach into your environment virtually and show a step-by-step solution via your cell phone, laptop or computer.

When our staff needs to respond on-site, we’ve implemented special procedures to minimize any risk. Our technicians are required to properly wash their hands both when they arrive and depart. Additionally, they are using masks and single-use gloves within your environment. They also disinfect your device prior to working on it and when completed. They are also observing the recommended social distancing guidelines and may ask others to observe those guidelines when at your facility too. Please understand that is for everyone’s safety. Our delivery teams follow the same procedures.

Several staff members are working remotely to support you while others are manning our offices to serve you. We ask everyone to observe all the guidelines outlined above. Our salespeople have been instructed to offer remote or phone meetings with clients. If you do request on-site visits, our staff has been instructed to follow the same social distancing and hand washing procedures that our technical and logistics staff follows.

We hope that you will not notice a difference in our support to you as we navigate through these challenging times. Our goal is and always will be to provide you with the highest quality customer experience possible, while also protecting you, our employees and the community.