Managed Office Solutions for Architects, Engineers, and Construction Companies

Document Challenges of Architects, Engineers, and the Construction Industry

At Frontier Business Products (FBP) of Colorado, we understand the complexity of your business. This is why we offer improvement for process and workflow, tools and software designed for optimal productivity on the worksite. With a commitment to service, our team takes a hands-on approach in customized cost-saving solutions for your worksites. We partner with you to maximize efficiency, safety, and profitability, which come from innovation. Save time and money. Increase productivity with tools and software designed for the worksite.

With 44 years of experience with providing managed office solutions for Architects, Engineers, and construction companies, we have tailored offerings to handle anything from simple line drawings, complex 3D schematics, to setting up fully functional secure remote site offices. With our full line of copiers, printers, scanners, and document management systems, we can manage your construction office needs and have your remote sites functioning the same as your home office regardless of the length or location of your remote project.

With high-speed scanning, Frontier Business Products can help you deliver all of your documents and drawings in a secure electronic format to eliminate the need for printing multiple sets of the same document. This scanning, coupled with our highly secured server-based and Cloud Document Management Systems will allow you to share your drawings with anyone you give secure access to. These solutions are essential for the following processes:

  • Blueprints/ permitting
  • CAD Drawings and proposals
  • Accounts payable and Accounts Receivable documents
  • Renderings and revisions
  • Subcontractor and employee information

How FBP Can Assist

FBP has a plethora of services, products, and managed office solutions for Architects, Engineers, and Construction companies to work and operate more productively. We can provide you the capabilities to retain your efficiency and for security to be top-notch, keep an eye on important documents and addendums and cut down on your expenses.

  • We provide Copiers and Wide Format Plotters/Printers that enable you to print blueprints and other large documents immaculately and to-order. You can also scan your documents and immediately share them securely.

  • We provide Managed Print Services that allow you to track, control, and eliminate irrelevant printing expenses. We can also permit you to employ bill back features to assign your print projects to specific jobs, contractors, or locations.
  • We provide Document Management Software that gives you hassle-free, dependable, and secure access to your most vital information wherever and whenever you need it.
  • We provide Interactive Touchscreen Displays that authorize you to do mockups, changes, and overlays to your large documents electronically on a full-size touch screen display and share them seamlessly to either a printer or a document management system.

Contact Frontier Business Products today for a free workflow analysis. Let us determine how we can assist with your managed office solutions for your organization today. We look forward to helping you optimize and grow your construction company.


    Friend, I am a customer of your company. I just want you to know what an amazing group of people you have. While I don’t know all the names of the people I deal with I can point out Sabra and Brendan, the front desk and everyone of you service staff are just excellent. You are a lucky person to have such fine people. And, we are lucky to have your company as a provider of service and supplies.

    Like you, I am a businessmen, so I know that the blood stream of your company is rooted in your people. You have great people and I just wanted you to know that

    Estes Park School District 3

    Like many business, we were struggling with the cost of desktop printers and the battle with employees to keep their desktop printers. Frontier (was) instrumental in a very smooth transition. We were able to reduce costs… without having a negative impact on employee morale.


    The service you provided to me and my agency went well above and beyond the call of duty. It is obvious that Carol Mitschke, owner, has created a culture in which you all provide ethical and honest service to customers, going out of your way to be of assistance and meet their needs. You deserve special recognition for saving my nonprofit agency a significant amount of money while asking for nothing in return.

    Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team

    The Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team would like to offer you our sincere thanks for your effective and meaningful support as we have worked on the High Park fire… You have gone out of your way to meet our copy needs.

    Longmont Humane Society

    We were being ‘nickel and dimed’ by our last printer leasing company, but we were doubtful we’d be able to get brand new machines at a decent price. During the bidding process, FBP’s proposal was simple to understand and reasonably priced. We love our new machines, and not only were we trained on how to use them on day one, we continue to receive training from FBP any time we have questions. They also assisted us in ending our former lease and returning the old copier.


    FBP has provided us with excellent service for a number of years. They are very knowledgeable and understand the needs and challenges associated within the church community.

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