Managed IT Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Software Solutions

Non-profit work is inspirational, essential, and valuable. However, non-profit organizations tend to face unique challenges that other organizations do not necessarily face. We recognize the pressures that non-profit organizations feel to do more while having less. It becomes an essential balance between operating a business and making great things happen. At Frontier Business Products, we understand the struggles behind these challenges, and we are committed to helping those who help others. In order to stay on top of the competition, you have to work in conjunction with the latest technologies, hardware, and software.

Our managed IT solutions are designed to help organizations up and down the Front Range of Colorado. We know that many important non-profit companies struggle to serve their communities while at the same time trying to keep up with their own technology requirements.

Through our many creative and unique programs and offerings, they can now leverage the strength of our technology solutions to improve their office workflows and increase productivity while at the same time reducing expenses. Our experts have designed exclusive non-profit software solutions programs in Colorado to help qualifying organizations throughout the area.

As you browse for reliable printing solutions, cost-efficient office supplies, hardware, and non-profit software solutions, and managed IT solutions, take a moment to check out some of the products we have listed in our catalog.

Common Challenges We Solve

  • Controlling expenses
  • Data security of members and donors
  • Unpredictable budgets
  • Document workflow efficiencies.

Frontier Business
Products Solutions

  • Managed Print Services – Let us manage, service, and supply your fleet of networked printer devices and devote the resources of your IT staff to more valuable projects.

  • Managed IT Services – Our experts within our Managed IT Solutions team can oversee your entire network of PCs, servers, and networked devices. We will provide 24/7 monitoring, data backup, and top-notch security to keep your business up and running at 100% efficiency.

  • Document Management Solutions – Our fully customizable scanning, document archiving, and retrieval solutions will help your office increase productivity and efficiency.

  • Production Print – We offer industry-leading high-volume, high-quality production print solutions to help your business contain the high costs associated with outsourcing brochures, flyers, banners, and other important marketing materials.

  • Print Cost Control – We offer print tracking software solutions that can allow organizations to monitor print jobs and print documents in the most economical way possible including “follow me print”, advanced authentication, and rules-based printing.

Contact us today to learn more about our managed IT solutions, and non-profit software solutions in Colorado and how to improve your non-profit organization through office supplies and management solutions.


    Friend, I am a customer of your company. I just want you to know what an amazing group of people you have. While I don’t know all the names of the people I deal with I can point out Sabra and Brendan, the front desk and everyone of you service staff are just excellent. You are a lucky person to have such fine people. And, we are lucky to have your company as a provider of service and supplies.

    Like you, I am a businessmen, so I know that the blood stream of your company is rooted in your people. You have great people and I just wanted you to know that

    Estes Park School District 3

    Like many business, we were struggling with the cost of desktop printers and the battle with employees to keep their desktop printers. Frontier (was) instrumental in a very smooth transition. We were able to reduce costs… without having a negative impact on employee morale.


    The service you provided to me and my agency went well above and beyond the call of duty. It is obvious that Carol Mitschke, owner, has created a culture in which you all provide ethical and honest service to customers, going out of your way to be of assistance and meet their needs. You deserve special recognition for saving my nonprofit agency a significant amount of money while asking for nothing in return.

    Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team

    The Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team would like to offer you our sincere thanks for your effective and meaningful support as we have worked on the High Park fire… You have gone out of your way to meet our copy needs.

    Longmont Humane Society

    We were being ‘nickel and dimed’ by our last printer leasing company, but we were doubtful we’d be able to get brand new machines at a decent price. During the bidding process, FBP’s proposal was simple to understand and reasonably priced. We love our new machines, and not only were we trained on how to use them on day one, we continue to receive training from FBP any time we have questions. They also assisted us in ending our former lease and returning the old copier.


    FBP has provided us with excellent service for a number of years. They are very knowledgeable and understand the needs and challenges associated within the church community.

    Wild Plum Center

    We liked the idea of working with a local company. Being a non-profit we have found it very beneficial working with an organization that has an interest in our community. We love being able to call local phone numbers and deal with people we know and who know us


    I have to say that I had to call today for them to fix our copier. I called the Ricoh # and they transferred me to the right number-someone answered on the second ring. The person I talked to was super friendly. He said he would have someone out to fix it right away. I also asked him how I need to go about ordering toner. He asked what kind I needed and then said it would be here tomorrow. Within the hour of the phone call a tech showed up to fix the machine. He was super professional and polite. I really was impressed with how well this all went down today and how quick they were about tending to my needs on a Monday morning! Thumbs up from me!