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CloudMail Email Bundle

Investing in cloud-based email is a cost-effective integrated solution to secure and organize company communication. By opting for Frontier Business Products’ CloudMail, our full-featured hosted email service, your company can experience clear, organized, and private communication. CloudMail is a popular single-source alternative for IMAP, POP, and Exchange. 

Worried about the security of company communications on the cloud? We have you covered. Our team offers around-the-clock surveillance on our IT solutions and CloudMail comes with anti-spam, virus protection, phishing filters, and malware controls. With our web hosting and email services you can send and reply confidently knowing your communication threads are organized, safely stored, and carefully protected by Frontier Business Products.

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Why Choose CloudMail?

CloudMail™,our full-featured cloud email hosting service, offers your company the liberty to sync and share calendars and contacts, which is an optimal solution for small and growing businesses fueled by employees who serve roles and assume responsibilities across many traditional employee titles. We know what it is like to start a business from the ground up with all hands on deck – organization and communication are paramount to progress. If this sounds like the composition of your team, working with Frontier Business Products to set up CloudMail for your company is a sound investment.

Business owners continue to switch to CloudMail™,our full-featured cloud email hosting service, for convenience, capacity, security, and longevity. As technological solutions rapidly turn over, staying up-to-date on software solutions is essential to the fluidity and scalability of your business. If you are not yet using a cloud-based server for your email, take the first step and reach out to our team to learn more about how it operates, why it is the way of the future, and how it will directly impact your business.

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Frontier Business Products offers a highly skilled and experienced team to educate, train and adapt you to using and maintaining web hosting and email services. If you own a business and are in need of secure, organized communication, reach out today and we will gladly walk you through the process of using the cloud.

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