Covid-19 has dramatically changed the way people do things. In these uncertain times, businesses must take the necessary precautions to keep employees and customers safe. A temperature scanning kiosk is a vital tool that offers an ideal layer of protection. 

Fever is the primary symptom associated with coronavirus, and testing temperature in most public places has become the new norm. The kiosk scans every individual’s temperature to eliminate the likelihood of an ill person entering your business. Here are various benefits of self-screening kiosks. 

1. They Reduce Human Contact

The temperature screening kiosk offers a more contactless solution. With the handheld scanner, the person taking temperature must come closer to every individual entering your business premises. 

The close distance required to take someone’s temperature can increase coronavirus transmission risk between the person handling the device and those they evaluate.  Although you can use masks and other PPE to protect your employee, you might not minimize the contact risk to zero. When used correctly, the kiosk helps eliminate contact to prevent the spread of the virus. 

2. The Temperature Scanning Kiosk Provides Accurate Results

A kiosk temperature scanner uses infrared technology to scan and record body temperature, providing reliable results. It can operate with a marginal measurement error of around ±0.5 °C. 

3. You Can Easily Manage It

The kiosk temperature scanner supports remote operations. Once an individual walks close to the scanner, it automatically senses and activates to measure temperature. You won’t have to observe every temperature reading of those entering your premises. Instead, you can program the tool to inform the relevant authorities within your business if a staff member or visitor records an abnormal temperature. 

4. They Protect User Health Privacy

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Whether it is COVID-19 results or temperature issues, privacy concerns may arise when sharing people’s medical information. Each medical-related scan should promote high confidentiality, especially for individuals who turn out positive. The temperature kiosk delivers the results remotely, minimizing the fear of social stigma. Organizations can thus come up with better ways to handle positive results cases while at the same time protecting customers or staff privacy. 

5. The Thermal Scanner Promotes Employee Safety

Most employees still seem hesitant to work within the company premises due to the fear of contracting COVID-19. However, if you install a kiosk temperature scanner within your organization, it gives your staff the confidence that ill people won’t enter the building. 

You can also use a badge-scanning feature to limit access to the facility by those with an abnormal temperature reading. The staff receives a badge that will unlock doors within the facility after getting cleared at the kiosk. Those with temperature issues won’t receive the badge, and they should go home for self-monitoring or seek medication immediately. 

6. They Help Enforce Face Mask Policy

The use of face masks in public spaces, including offices, helps minimize the spread of COVID-19. A kiosk thermal scanner helps you implement the mask policy within your business. First, it can read the temperature while you still have a mask on. 

Additionally, you can customize the tool to detect a face mask presence or absence. For people who haven’t put on a mask, they will get a notification to put it on first before entering the building. 

7. You Can Integrate Them With Facial Recognition Features

The temperature kiosk also has long-term benefits. We all believe that the pandemic won’t last forever. Eventually, you will need to find a better use for the temperature scanner. Some models have facial recognition features that you can use to restrict access to your business. An alarm goes off in case an authorized individual tries to enter the building. 

For now, this feature will also help protect the potential spread of coronavirus by unauthorized people. You can even restrict people with signs of a fever from entering a particular area, for instance, in offices with vulnerable individuals. 

8. They Contribute to Lower Labor Cost

With handheld screening devices, you need to employ more staff to operate them and record temperature manually. Alternatively, you might choose to take other employees from their regular duties to handle the thermal guns, meaning that you will need to pay them for the extra task. 

You might even need to hire a third party to foresee the screening process in places where people find it hard to adhere to social distance rules. As a result, this will further strain businesses trying to recover. The scanning kiosk allows you to reduce costly staffing and frees more individuals for other complex tasks. 

9. They Are Very Convenient

For big establishments that want to test every individual’s temperature, it can be tough to do it with a thermal gun. It will just create long and unmanageable lines that will waste time and even discourage customers from visiting your business. If you share a location with neighboring businesses or have a high-traffic premise, the temperature kiosk offers better convenience. 

When you position it at the front door, the kiosk can quickly scan a large number of people within a short time. Those with abnormal temperatures will receive notifications immediately to minimize the spread of the disease. In case your staff needs to take lunch breaks or leave their post, you won’t have to suffer the consequences of long waiting times brought about by handheld devices. 

With time, as the infection rate goes down, businesses will begin to handle large crowd sizes within the premises. The temperature screening kiosk supports high scalability. They are compact, don’t occupy much space, and can manage a large group of people. If need be, you can add an extra station to serve higher numbers. 

10. Some Dispense Sanitizers

You can choose to buy a temperature scanner with a sanitizer or sanitizing wipes dispenser. When people walk to the device and stretch out their hand, a motion detector will trigger the kiosk to release an amount of sanitizer. It helps your staff and visitors keep their hands clean, promotes peace of mind, and minimizes the spread of the coronavirus.

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11. Thermal Scanner Has a Flexible Design

You can find various models of the scanning kiosk in the market today in different designs. Whether you want the wall mount, countertop units, or standard height pedestals, there is always an option that will suit you. Others have additional features to cater to mobility. 

You can even customize them to meet specific needs. Most types of kiosks have large screens, and you can use them to display helpful information to your clients or staff. You can include messages to remind people to maintain social distance, put on a face mask, or wash hands to minimize coronavirus infection.


It’s time that companies adopt better strategies to bring their staff back into the workplace and receive visitors safely. As outlined above, a temperature kiosk can help you maintain safety within your business premises. Now, we’d like to hear from you; comment below on what you liked most about this piece. At Frontier Business Products, we offer various solutions to support business growth. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our temperature kiosks systems.