Having the right communications system can make a huge difference at your company. One of the most exciting new options for the modern company is VoIP for business. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, is communication technology. It goes by many names, including hosted VoIP, IP telephony, and others.

Unlike traditional telephones, VoIP turns media into digital IP packets that are sent over a network. This technology has become one of the most popular methods for sending data, so more and more office communications are switching to this system. Updating your company with a VoIP business communication system provides all sorts of helpful benefits for your business.

Check out this guide to learn all about these advantages and to see why it could help you streamline your business.

1. Built-in Conferencing

One of the biggest benefits of VoIP is the fact that conferencing is quick and easy. You do not have to set up dedicated phone lines or pay extra for conference hosting when you have voice over IP for businesses. Instead, most VoIP business plans will have conferencing directly integrated into your communication system. These advantages make it easy to have remote team meetings. Since phone conferencing is an essential part of running an office, VoIP can increase team efficiency while reducing expenses.

2. Managing Your Office Network

If you chat with your company’s IT team, you’ll quickly notice just how many technicians talk about the advantages of VoIP. From a technical standpoint, it’s a lot easier to manage your office’s technology layout, providing all sorts of benefits. And it can be set up with any existing network protocols. 

Using voice over IP for businesses is far simpler and more flexible than traditional phones. With the ability to connect multiple communication types to a standardized business network system, VoIP makes it far easier to handle all the complexities of a modern office. Your IT team will spend less time troubleshooting and have less equipment to manage.

3. Use VoIP Faxes

You no longer have to rely on old, faulty equipment. In fact, with VoIP, you do not even need to invest in a fax machine. Its fax interfaces are intuitive and easy to use. Since there are so many types of machines that use VoIP, you will find that there is more compatibility between various devices, increasing its functionality. Using VoIP makes it easy to transmit files to customers or coworkers who need a faxed copy over your network.

4. More Budget-Friendly Benefits

With VoIP, communication needs do not have to be one of the biggest items on your company budget. Most people find that one of the advantages of VoIP is that it streamlines and minimizes their communication. When you use VoIP for business calls, you do not have to pay extra for long-distance, additional lines, or lengthy calls, resulting in plenty of benefits. Instead of being charged per minute, VoIP business lines typically just have a flat monthly rate.

This rate is often simply bundled into your regular internet bill without an extra charge, so you get affordability. The perks of VoIP are especially high for companies with a lot of clients in other states or nations because they do not have extra fees for talking to people in other regions when they use VoIP phones.

4. More Budget-Friendly Benefits

5. Using Voice Over IP to Save Bandwidth

Despite all the benefits, some people are cautious because they think they will have to pay more for high-bandwidth plans in the office when they switch to VoIP. Using voice over IP for businesses doesn’t actually use as much bandwidth as you would assume. Without getting too deep into the technical aspect, VoIP essentially turns all sounds into compressed little packets of information. 

By using even split-second information gaps to send other data being transferred throughout the office, its efficiency is unmatched. You will find that switching to VoIP doesn’t actually use much bandwidth. You might not even need to upgrade your internet package when you start using VoIP!

6. Use VoIP Phones to Communicate With a Variety of Devices

In the modern world, most people are not spending a bunch of time waiting by a phone line. This is when you can really reap VoIP’s benefits. With VoIP for business, you can set up any call to go to a variety of devices, including phones, laptops, and tablets. Thanks to the way this system works, you can program calls to ring at the phone first and then get redirected to other devices if it goes unanswered. 

One of the perks of VoIP phones is that you can rest assured knowing that priority phone calls are going to the right place. Employees can handle important calls instead of having to sit at their desks waiting for a phone to ring.

7. Enjoy a Variety of Other Features

This system is more than just affordable. Any good VoIP business system will contain all sorts of helpful features for running your company. Other benefits include things like stored contact lists, speech-to-text voicemail, and caller ID. You’ll be able to do all sorts of interesting actions not easily found on traditional phones. 

For example, VoIP lets you forward a message to multiple coworkers by pressing a single button on your device, or you can set up automatic forwarding that sends certain numbers to specific employees. One of the benefits is that VoIP features improve office efficiency. Therefore, you can handle your communications with ease instead of wasting time.

8. Skip Installation Hassles

VoIP phone benefits always include ease of use, and this is especially true when you’re installing it for the first time. This modern service is essentially ‘plug and play.’ This means that you do not have to spend hours syncing various devices and running wiring all around the office. Instead, with these devices, you just power them on and get to work. This makes it a highly scalable option for companies that are always growing. Each time you have a new person, you just plug in another item and enjoy all the benefits of VoIP. The network automatically adjusts to as many new installations as needed. This means you can focus on actually working instead of dealing with installation hassles, resulting in plenty of advantages.

9. Create a Telecommuting Space With VoIP Phones

In the modern workspace, more and more people are interested in remote work, but you need an excellent communication system for this to work. VoIP services make it easy for everyone to connect. VoIP business faxes let you easily send documents, and employees can also use VoIP for business video calls. 

This portable technology creates a very flexible office. Instead of each person needing his or her own personal phone line, one of the advantages of VoIP is how easy it is to expand your office or to change locations without complicated number transfers.

9. Create a Telecommuting Space With VoIP Phones

10. Get Reliable Voice Over IP Business Phone Service

Another one of the VoIP phone benefits is the fact that the system does not rely entirely on the internet network. If there is a big storm or an accident that takes out a phone line, you are not stuck without being able to communicate if you have voice over IP for businesses. Instead, you can reroute calls to mobile phones that use cell towers instead. Even when the internet and power are down all over town, you can still be using VoIP to handle important phone calls so you don’t have to worry about missed calls.

11. VoIP Phones Benefits That Businesses Use Can Be Easily Taught to Anyone

Even the most technologically illiterate people in the office will typically appreciate the VoIP system once it’s set up. Unlike some other office systems, one of the main advantages of VoIP is its simplicity. Most tasks can be done by pressing one or two clearly labeled buttons. Since voice over IP business phone service does not require lengthy combinations of button pressing, it is easy to remember how to do common tasks. This is very useful if you have employees who are used to older methods or who have never worked with an office communication system before.

As you can see, there are all sorts of VoIP options for businesses. At Frontier Business Products, we supply our customers with unique VoIP strategies to enhance workflow and to boost profits. As a family-owned business since 1979, we understand the importance of providing our valued clients with professional and reliable services. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of using VoIP for your business, schedule a free consultation with a solution specialist.