Remember the infamous WannaCry ransomware attack? It held over 400,000 computers hostage with a terrifying ultimatum: Pay up or lose your precious files forever.
Ransomware like WannaCry works by encrypting your files, leaving you helpless and unable to access them. Once they’ve got you cornered, hackers demand payment within a ticking time frame (e.g., 72 hours) to decrypt your files. The WannaCry attack cost businesses their data and money, with many victims paying but never getting their files back.
Here’s the deal: The BEST way to outsmart ransomware is to prioritize top-notch IT security. However, with countless new threats emerging daily, no one is immune. So, what’s the game-changing solution? Maintain a daily, professional-grade backup of your data impervious to ransomware attacks.
Why? Because hackers design their ransomware to infect not only your PC/server but also your backups. With a bulletproof backup, you’ll never have to pay a ransom or risk losing your files.
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