Frontier Business Products is always a phone call or a mouse click away when you’re looking for the construction office supplies that you need to run your construction site office. We have over four decades of experience partnering with construction companies. We believe in creating unique and innovative solutions to help our clients tighten their belts and improve their construction site office workflow. Here are a few construction site items we offer that can help you improve your operational efficiency. Good communication is crucial in the construction industry, and these products will help you keep your team organized from start to finish.

VoIP Phone System Construction

Construction sites in underdeveloped areas often lack the basic infrastructure that we often take for granted. You have to deliver construction office supplies, building materials, and other construction site items to the site, and you have to make special arrangements for utility access. Are you prepared to take your chances with your mobile telephony and internet access with so much at stake?

VoIP phone system construction enables you to make voice calls and send text messages using a broadband internet connection as an alternative to standard analog telephone lines. The technology converts voice calls into a digital signal and sends them over your existing broadband connection.

The VoIP phone system construction offers turnkey operation and works right alongside your other construction site items. You’ll enjoy consistently clear audio reception on all of your voice calls and SMS messaging so that you can exchange quick messages to your employees no matter where they are. VoIP service is a way to keep your team connected without depending on the traditional mobile communications network. 

Using VoIP doesn’t require you to invest in infrastructure upgrades, and you can easily migrate all of your existing phone numbers and connect to your PBX system in your construction site office. A client can call your main business switchboard, and your operator can direct the call to your extension or directly to your mobile device. You’ll never have to worry about missing a call, and your business communications will be seamless from the drawing board to the site. You’ll also have telemetry that allows you to locate workers in the field. Many construction workers work alone for extended periods of time, and your network will enable you to pinpoint their location. If there is an incident, you can locate the worker and get them out of trouble without wasting time.

VoIP telephone service is also scalable, which is invaluable in today’s economy. Every job is different in the construction business, and VoIP enables you to instantly add or remove lines of service. You can connect your new hires to the network as soon as their boots hit the pavement, and you can remove them just as easily after you finish the job. If you encounter a recession or your business is seasonal, you won’t have to worry about paying for additional service lines while your crew isn’t on the job. 

Telephone Device at Office Desk for Customer Service Support

Copiers and Wide Format Printers

Premium quality printers and copiers have always been a crucial part of how we do business, and they’re just as important today. Even if your copiers and office machines are still working, it’s always a good idea to consider making an upgrade to your construction office supplies every few years to take advantage of all of the advances in technology. You know how competitive the construction industry can be, and you need the latest equipment to help your company survive. 

We carry a wide variety of premium quality imaging equipment from all of the top office machine manufacturers. We can help you select the right wide format printers to handle all of your blueprints and technical specifications, and we’ll also make sure that you have the proper scanning equipment to make digital copies of printed documents. When you’re renovating or restoring an old building, you will often work from equally old blueprints. When you scan them, you’ll have a high-quality digital copy of the blueprints that you can instantly share with every team member.

Even though the modern workplace continues to get more digital, print certainly isn’t dead. When you need hard copies of documents, we’ll ensure you have the copiers and printers you need to handle the workload. We can also show you how to use easy desktop publishing software to create high-quality printed documents and leave-behind sales collateral. If you need to submit an RFP to a client, a professionally printed proposal is a great way to increase the perceived value of your services. We can show you how to create high-quality printed materials that support your branding and tell your company’s story.

Document Management Software

Digital document handling is a flexible solution to expedite your operations and a great way to preserve your files for posterity. And the good news is that transitioning to paperless record keeping is easier than you think with the right software. We can help you locate the right document management software and apps for your needs, and we’ll show you how to get started.

You can create new documents by scanning printed copies or creating new documents from scratch and storing them securely in the cloud. Digital document handling obviates the need for bulky filing cabinets, and you’ll never have to deal with the hassle of retrieving and refiling documents again. We’ll show you how to create and securely store your digital files in the cloud and how to set up authorized users. Any authorized user with a PIN number can securely access the files from a workstation or mobile device stored in the cloud. There won’t be any more struggles to locate missing or misfiled documents, and you can easily protect all of your files with military-grade encryption. 

Document Management Concept

Managed Print Services

With the cost of paper continuously on the rise, there’s a lot of value in reducing paper waste in your office. It reduces the size of your company’s carbon footprint, and it also saves you money that can be better spent elsewhere. We specialize in improving workflow and helping our clients eliminate unnecessary or redundant printing expenses. It’s always helpful to get an outsider’s perspective, and we’ll be glad to help you locate and install software to track and control your printing expenses without forcing you to micromanage your employees.

Interactive Touchscreen Displays

One of the traditional challenges designers face is working with large documents. Personal computers started out as word processors when engineers and designers were still using drafting tables and slide rules. Those days are long gone, and we can help you find large screen displays to do life-size mockups and blueprints electronically on a full-size display and save or print them as quickly as any other document. 

Did you find these construction office “must-haves” helpful? Our team at Frontier Business Products understands the needs of construction companies because we listen to our clients. We believe in creating innovative IT and workflow solutions customized to your needs. We encourage you to contact us at any time you have questions. We will also be happy to discuss a free workflow analysis to help you find opportunities to improve your productivity and keep your business growing!