Scott Schnabel, president of Frontier Business Products (left) and co-owner Carol Mitschke

Year Founded: 1979

President/Owner: Carol Mitschke (CEO), Scott Schnabel (president)
Number of Employees: 75
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Sharp, HP, Brother, Lexmark
Primary Solutions Offerings: DocuWare, PaperCut, Square 9 Softworks, OpenText
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, U.S. Bank
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $15-$20 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MPS (185%), copiers/printers (20%), MNS (15%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Frontier Business Products has made major investments in its support infrastructure to complement aggressive growth and long-term planning.

Why ENX Magazine Considers Frontier Business Products Elite:

  • Trusted word. Frontier Business Products believes taking care of the customer is the number-one priority. It follows a “do what you say when you say you are going to do it” mantra, and notes cost is never considered when doing right by the customer.
  • Contract success. The dealer thrived in the educational space with significant wins across universities, colleges and county school systems, backed by a solutions-driven approach.
  • Employee enticements. An employee recognition program, “Frontier’s Finest,” allows team members to salute co-workers who go above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Corporate caring. Frontier Business Products provides holiday gifts to children of families in need. The dealer also supports many of its non-profit clients.