Ricoh is one of the largest copy machine manufacturers in the world. We’re known as one of the longest-tenured dealerships for Ricoh. Our copiers are among our best-selling products due to their efficiency in office operations and excellent copier prices. As a business owner, you must take advantage of office automation using equipment that increases your productivity. Our affordable Ricoh copiers will help you correct any performance issues by optimizing your printing processes. Here is an overview of how much each Ricoh copier costs and the unique features that your business can benefit from.

Ricoh Copier Costs

While Ricoh builds all units with a strong focus on quality, each one comes with different copier costs. Product specifications are one factor that determines our Ricoh copier prices. As the level of functionality goes up, so does the printer Ricoh price. 

If you run a small business, you can get a good Ricoh copier for less than $3,000. A copier, like the Aficio MP 3053, has a speed of 30 pages per minute (ppm) and an interactive LED control monitor. With such a copier, you will be able to produce different types and colors of documents, including monochrome copies. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for a much smaller copier, like the Ricoh SP-C232SF MFP, which comes with speeds of up to 29 ppm, for a printer Ricoh price of less than $1,000. Small copiers have lower energy consumption, and most of them come with optional scanners, printers, and faxing capabilities.

If you are searching for a good copier for a bigger business, then we have the best Ricoh copiers for you. With these copiers, you will enjoy speeds ranging between 40 and 90 ppm. For a medium business, a copier of up to 75 ppm will suit you well. For instance, the MP 7503 has a paper capacity of 4,300 and a dots-per-minute (dpi) resolution of up to 1,200 by 1,200, which is enough to suit your scanning needs. Most Ricoh copiers for your medium and big business come with an interactive touch display for ease of navigation. In most cases, they range between 9 and 10.1 inches.

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Other Features That Influence the Larger Copiers’ Prices

Other important specifications include integrated finishing options that reduce the time spent on manual document preparations. These copiers also have greater storage capabilities, thanks to their large hard drive storage. You will get online storage access and enjoy Ricoh Managed Document Services if you purchase a copier with smart technology and Wi-Fi connectivity. These copiers also have optional security features, such as user ID authentication, to keep your saved files safe from unauthorized access. Other great features include:

  1. Multi-user drop bins to prevent document mix-up
  2. Motion sensors which fire up the machine promptly to save time
  3. Energy efficiency 

These larger Ricoh copiers have a certain cost range that begins at $6,500; the costs vary due to the difference in capabilities. For example, with about $6,500, you can get the Ricoh Aficio MP C7501, which has both 70 ppm and 75 ppm speeds for colored and monochrome copy production. On the other hand, the Ricoh Pro C51105, which has an 80 ppm speed and multiple printing capabilities, goes for $20,000.

How to Choose the Best Ricoh Copier for Your Business

We have a wide range of Ricoh copiers for you to choose from. While having options is a good thing, it’s easy to find yourself in a dilemma over which copier to choose for your business. Luckily, we have the necessary expertise to help you select a Ricoh copier that suits your needs. While shopping with us, you need to keep certain aspects of your business in mind. You must determine:

  1. Your workload
  2. The number of employees who will be using the copier
  3. How many customers do you serve regularly

Therefore, if you work with many employees and deal with large volumes of documents, you will need a big copier. For instance, the Ricoh 1M 9000 copier has a capacity of 90 ppm and a scanning rate of 240 images per minute (ipm). On the other hand, a small or medium company will require a smaller copier to meet its operational demands. In this case, a copier with a capacity of as little as 26 ppm will work for you.

You should also get a copier that meets your functionality requirements. We know how important space and work efficiency is to your business. For this reason, we have multi-functional Ricoh copiers. You can select from a variety of copiers that will meet your needs. For instance, if you create banners that require large prints, then the Ricoh Pro C51105 MFP should be a good choice as it can print and copy lengths of up to 1260 mm. 

Copiers also come with accessories you can choose from. For example, if you run a newsletter company, you can have a copier with paper-folding options for pamphlets and brochures. Other document finisher accessories include:

  1. Internal staplers
  2. Drawer stacks
  3. Paper punch
  4. Binders

Consider the Copier Costs Too

It is also important to consider the machines’ prices before making a purchase. The overall cost you incur for a Ricoh product must be practical for your business. It should fit in your company’s budget and meet your functional requirements. As you already know, several factors determine our printer Ricoh prices, such as output level and types. So, if your budget for these machines is on the higher end, don’t shy away from the colored copies and all-in-one printers, for instance. 

You should also consider the cost of maintaining your copier. While the copier prices for the multi-function printing equipment are relatively high, they are much easier to maintain in the long run. This is because they have digital troubleshooting capabilities that identify particular problems, making maintenance easier and less costly. With them, you will also enjoy the manufacturer’s tech support through both remote and in-person maintenance services. This makes Ricoh MFPs a good investment in the long run.

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Managed Print Solutions

Digitizing your businesses’ print environment can be hectic, especially if you deal with huge volumes of documents. Ricoh offers you professional digital support through print management software. In recent years, experts have noted that managed service providers play a critical role in the performance of businesses. For instance, managed print service providers help small and large companies save time, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. It makes sense why, according to Deloitte, so many global executives have initiated discussions or implemented at least one outsourcing solution to boost their competitive advantage.[1] 

Ricoh-managed print solutions will reduce your workload by handling the critical print services for your employees and customers. Apart from this, Ricoh experts will help troubleshoot all your connected devices remotely to ensure that your copier systems remain functional for business continuity. Thanks to this remote service, you will get automatic system upgrades and up-to-date security patches for all your copiers.

Do you wish to boost your company’s performance with quality copiers? Then we are the right company to work with. As an award-winning business, we understand how to serve customers with different printing needs while considering their need for productivity. For over 41 years, we have provided our customers in Colorado with high-quality and affordable office products. Contact Frontier Business Products today to learn more about our services.