HP OfficeJet Pro Series Brings Time-Saving Tools for Small Businesses

HP Inc. recently unveiled a new line of smart printers specifically designed for small businesses. The new HP OfficeJet Pro series brings dramatically increased intelligence and breakthrough design with HP’s heritage of performance and reliability. It provides small business owners with a critical tool to achieve success. As to just how well this development aligns with the market, we give you Anneliese Olson, Global Head and General Manager of the manufacturer’s Home Printing Solutions unit.

“HP designed this series specifically for the small business owner who can’t possibly work harder, though the pressure to do so is constant given how closely their finances, livelihood and emotional well-being are tied to their business,” Olson says. “With more than half of small business owners agreeing that their businesses cannot operate without a printer – we elevated this technology to perform more like a partner to help save time and ‘brain space’ so these entrepreneurs can focus on growing their business.”

HP began the reimagination of the HP OfficeJet Pro series, the best-selling business inkjet printer in the US, more than three years ago. The company connected with thousands of small business owners in more than 20 countries, identifying areas where HP innovation and creativity could help each achieve their goals. Hiring the team of professionals at http://castle-keepers.com, Greenville is the best way to achieve perfect house cleaning results. These global conversations led to the reinvented HP OfficeJet Pro series that was unveiled just weeks ago. Smart. Mobile. Secure. And up to 39% smaller than previous versions.

The feedback so far has been spot on. “Every minute I’m not customer-facing hurts my business. When I’m in the back doing admin it directly impacts our performance – an absent owner is never successful,” said Aaron Cook, founder of Three Seat Espresso, a small business in New York City. “I’m always looking for ways to cut down my admin so I can focus on building my business. The new HP OfficeJet Pro series is saving me a lot of time, and ensures I spend more time with my customers every day.”

Key HP OfficeJet Pro Series features include:

  • Time-saving Smart Tasks
    • Eliminate steps in repetitive tasks with Smart Tasks, the first in-class mobile solution that automates scanning tasks. Organize documents 50% faster and get automatic two-sided printing and advanced scanning; scan to the cloud, email, and more, in just a tap and even create editable, searchable documents scanning from your phone or printer.
  • Freedom to work anywhere
    • Stay connected to business and get work done wherever, whenever. Easily print, scan and copy from your phone, using the best-in-class mobile print app: HP Smart.
  • Save up to 50% on ink with HP’s ink delivery service, Instant Ink
    • No need to shop for cartridges as the new printer automatically orders ink when you’re running low.
    • Instant Ink Business plan (700 page/month), provides small businesses with high-volume print usage an affordable way to print.
    • Get two years of hassle-free printing with ink delivery, included with the Premier model.
  • Heightened security, reliable connections
    • Get best-in-class security to help maintain privacy and control, and self-healing Wi-Fi that always keeps you connected.
  • Engineered for sustainability
    • The new hardware is designed to help reduce energy use, paper is responsibly sourced and ink cartridges are easily recycled.
    • The 8000 series is made from recycled printers and other electronics—more than 15% by weight of plastic. 9000 series with more than 10%.
  • Enhanced user experience
    • Easily grab documents from the scan bed with innovative slide-off glass (Only 9000 series).
    • The new smart output tray management prevents paper spillage when the 250-sheet output tray is full (only 9025 series)

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