The best commercial copiers also print the fastest. That’s because, in business, efficient productivity is an asset. If you’re wondering what to choose with so many options, you’re not alone. We’ll take a look at some of the fastest office copiers on the market today. When you compare what’s out there, you’ll be positioned to make the smartest informed decision that meets your needs.

The best commercial copy solutions have features that make them the most advanced copiers and printers. Before we discuss these features, here’s an interesting fact: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 21.8 million office and administrative support jobs in 2018. That’s quite a lot of workers who rely on fast printers and copiers. It proves that businesses count on using the best printer scanners copiers to maintain the pace of an efficient workforce.

The best commercial copiers are fundamental office supplies. Businesses need to print forms, legal documents, and other items that might not be available electronically. Sometimes, it’s more efficient to push “print” and get things done right away. Other times, you’ll want to see the document in its printed form. At all times, it’s advantageous to have the fastest office copiers operational-ready.

Today, we’re entering into a new type of working environment where off-site employment is becoming more common. Choosing the fastest office copier for remote workers and the best printer for remote workers is an important decision for those in charge of purchasing office equipment for a geographically diverse workforce. Therefore, whether you work from home or in a brick-and-mortar office building, you’ll need to know which copier brand is best. 

A List of Best Commercial Copy Machines and Corresponding PPM Speeds

Fast printers and copiers with very quick pages-per-minute (PPM) printing speeds are available, so there’s no reason to settle for less technology than you demand. Here’s a look at some printers and copiers and their corresponding PPM speeds:

  1. Ricoh DD 3334 – 130 PPM
  2. Ricoh MP 9003 – 90 PPM
  3. Konica Minolta 654e – 80 PPM
  4. Xerox Docucolor 260 – 75 PPM
  5. Kyocera Skalfa 7551ci – 70 PPM
  6. Lexmark MX910 – 65 PPM
  7. Sharp MX 6500N – 65 PPM
  8. Ricoh MP 6503 – 65 PPM
  9. Ricoh MP C6502 – 65 PPM
  10. Xerox COLORQUBE 9303 – 65 PPM

Which Copier Brand Is Best?

Searching for the fastest office copiers to fit your business requirements can be challenging, but you’re not alone. We specialize in researching all types of important office supplies, including the best copier for remote workers. The following covers some information that will help you determine which type of copier will be a superb business asset. 

Which Copier Brand Is Best

Best Commercial Copy Machines in Wide Format

This type of business copy machine is usually the large one you’ll find in many offices. It is typically in an open area or by a wall where there is plenty of elbow room to make copies of all sizes. These large copiers usually have underside cabinets to hold paper and office supplies. 

Newspaper offices, marketing companies, schools, and other business offices find wide-format copiers useful. Consider this type if you need to print materials that are 18 inches or wider. Each wide-format copier varies, so be sure to view each model’s printing width limitations. 

Wide-format copiers are simple to operate. Just open the lid, lay your page down on the glass surface, select the quantity you want, and then press the start button. The ease of use makes these some of the best printer scanners copiers available. They also typically have a fast PPM speed, but it varies from one model to the next. 

Wide-format printers operate using mirrors inside the machine that take a photograph of your page. With one take, it prints. Wide format is very efficient in offices where getting work done depends on producing many printed documents at any time of the day. 

Consider your typical business day. If you find that you often need to rush and outsource the printing of large-sized business material, wide format might be perfect for you. Make sure that you have adequate room for the machine, though. If your office is small, you may want to consider a different type of copier. Read on to find out more. 

Best Copier for Remote Workers With Digital Printing Capabilities

Digital copiers use lasers and internal memory to make a copy of the page you want to print. When it comes to comparing the 130 PPM speed of a wide-format copier to the 30-70 PPM speed of a digital copier, wide wins. Don’t go wide just yet, though. Digital has many things going for it that wide format doesn’t. 

Employees must physically walk to a wide-format copier, but with a digital copier, they can print right from their desk inside the office or remotely. It may increase productivity in this sense. Increased productivity makes digital a great option for those looking into the best copier for remote workers.

Digital copiers have technologically advanced features that enable workers to copy both text and image file formats. Since digital copiers use internal memory, the copied material will show its true scope of colors and imagery when it’s emailed or faxed to various devices. 

Best Printer Scanner Copiers That Print Commercial Color 

If your business depends on getting the colors just right, you need a commercial color printer. Graphic design companies, marketing firms, and print shops that deal with branding for their clients are all among the businesses that can benefit from commercial printer models. A commercial printer might also make a wise investment if you do a lot of self-promotion using printed business marketing materials. 

While advanced copiers and printers are more expensive than other types of copiers, they’re well worth it if you’re in the business of exacting color. You have the option of selecting either an analog or a digital type. Keep in mind, however, that higher-quality printing takes more time. You’re looking at between 15 and 38 PPM, depending on the equipment. It’s worth it, though, if color quality is valued over speed. 

All-In-One Fast Printers and Copiers

The efficiency of the all-in-one copier is second to none. They print color as well as black and white with fast speeds that vary by model. Since they have digital printing capabilities, all-in-one copiers have the memory to transfer copied images to other devices. They can also switch hats and print as a stand-alone copier. This might be your best printer for remote workers if your business has employees who sometimes work on-site and off-site.

All-in-one copiers are large, but we carry brands that are smaller in size. The important thing is to find a printer that matches your PPM requirements while enhancing your business productivity. If you need quality office supplies Denver, we can help you find what you need. 

All-In-One Fast Printers and Copiers

Purchase the Best Commercial Copy Machines

Business professionals like yourself benefit most by providing your workers with office equipment that performs. We enjoyed helping you get started on selecting the best commercial copiers for your office. It’s essential to conduct research so that you won’t skimp on quality or speedy prints. If you’re new to picking out copiers and printers, our Denver-area experts are happy to assist.

At Frontier Business Products, we have developed meaningful business relationships with top copier suppliers from all over the world. For several decades, we’ve proudly served customers from across the country. In our facility, we have an extensive inventory of copiers for businesses of all sizes. You can also stay within budget. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a solution specialist or request more information today.