The healthcare industry needs printer solutions to keep up with the demands of patients. Patients don’t want to wait for their doctors to find their paperwork or a prescription pad to write down what they need. Printers and printing solutions also help facilities and offices create products that their office staff can use in addition to their patients. As the manager or administrator in a health care facility, you can find the best medical printing for your needs.

Desktop Printers

A medical label printer is an essential tool for any medical office. You might prefer desktop printers to some of the other types as these models work with the computers in your facility. A desktop label printer makes creating and printing labels easy. Not only can you make labels that go on prescription bottles and containers that include directions for the patients to follow, but you can also create custom labels to go on files. This helps you find patient information quickly. This type of medical printer also allows you to make labels to go on specimens and collection containers.

Desktop Printer

Mobile Printers

As you look for a medical device label printer, you might consider a mobile printer. Mobile printers are easy to use and go where you need to go. If you work in a hospital or treatment center with dozens of beds, nurses and other workers can carry the printer with them and print new labels on the spot.These printers are suitable for creating paperwork that includes the patient’s name, and date of birth along with their admission time and other important information. People working in multiple departments can share one printer and save your office some money, too.

Wristband Printers

Wristband printers are the best option for facilities that need to organize and keep track of multiple patients. When a patient checks in, you can easily create a custom wristband that includes information such as when the patient arrived, their date of birth, name and any medications that they take. Their wristbands may include any allergies that the patient has to prevent accidents also. With this type of medical office printing, you can easily catch simple mistakes before or after printing a wristband and make a new one on the spot. Check substance abuse

Commercial Printers

Companies that offer managed print services healthcare options provide many solutions that your facility can use, but you might look at commercial printers instead. Designed to handle the high capacity that many facilities have, the printers pump out dozens of pages in minutes and work quickly. Look for commercial printers that are durable and do not require as much maintenance as standard printers do to save money on future repairs.

Also called industrial printers, these machines come with different functions such as high-speed internet connections. With this feature, you can easily sync the printer to each computer in your office and print documents without using cables or cords. The printers allow you to change the size of the printed documents to print pages for a patient’s file and pages for a prescription pad.

Prescription Printers

Administrators and managers who are in the market for medical printing services may consider prescription printers, too. These printers work well in facilities that have multiple doctors and others on staff who write prescriptions for patients. You no longer need to pay someone to print the pads for you because you can do it in-house. Some of the benefits of using printed prescription pads include:

  • Give all doctors consistency
  • Reduce the risk of making common mistakes
  • View prescriptions easily
  • Save time

There’s a joke that doctors have the worst handwriting, but there is some truth to that statement. If the pharmacist cannot decipher the writing on the prescription, they will need to call in for some clarification. This may require that the doctor write a new prescription and send it over, which causes the patient to waste time. Doctors write more than one million prescriptions every day. With medical office printing for prescriptions, the pharmacist can easily see what the doctor wrote.

With a medical label printer for prescriptions, you get the consistency that your facility needs, too. All doctors can use the printer to print sheets to make a prescription for the patient and one for the file. They can also fax the prescriptions for the patients and have them ready when they arrive. Both HP and Samsung make these printers.

Managed Services

Instead of investing in a medical printer, you might choose managed services instead. You do not need to choose the right printer and keep loads of equipment around the office because a company will do all the printing that you need. The cost of printing paperwork adds up over time. A hospital with 500 beds will spend more than $1 million a year to print the documents that it needs. If you think that buying a printer is cheaper than using managed printing services, keep in mind that your facility is responsible for paying the cost of upkeep and maintenance on the machine.

IT Company Employees

One reason to work with managed print services healthcare companies is that you can easily keep track of the documents needed for insurance disputes and patient records. A patient’s insurer may dispute that your office performed certain procedures or the dates that the patient stayed there. Managed services ensure that you have the right documents to prove your case.

Companies that offer medical printing also help you save money with large documents that you need printing. New employees need copies of your handbook to show them what they can and cannot do and find out more about their jobs. You’ll also need to send out documents to explain any changes to your procedures or regulations. With managed services, the company will print all the copies that you need and send them to you.

Another thing to keep in mind about medical printing services is they help you maintain the privacy that you need. You have the option of setting up an account that only registered employees can use. While they can send through a print job, the company will not process it until the employee enters an account number or a password. This service ensures that you keep the confidentiality of your patients, too. Even if you need to print private patient files and forms, you won’t risk anyone not authorized seeing those pages. This isn’t always easy with a standard medical device label printer.

Choose the Right Printing Solutions for Your Medical Office

Medical offices must maintain patient and doctor confidentiality, which protects patients and ensures that no one who shouldn’t sees their private forms. Choosing the right printers and printing solutions for your office can help you save money and keep your patients’ information secure. Frontier Business Products has the answers to the printing problems that your office has, including managed services and document management. Check out these solutions to see what your medical office needs and how you can take care of all your printing problems.